Danni & Sam

You guys have been fantastic! After being initially told we couldn't afford an investment property by the bank, you came and saw us and had an honest and open chat what our options were. You kept us informed and up to date at all times and we were never left wondering what was going on. Once our preapproval was through you provided further services we wouldn't have expected by passing on our details and what we were looking for direct to local real estate agents along with providing second opinions on anything we were interested in. Once we found our investment property you did all the hard work and stressful dealings with the bank and before we knew it everything was signed, sealed and delivered. Again you provided us with further referrals and advice in relation to managing our investment property which made the whole process so much less daunting for us and we are now happy investment property owners without having to have gone through any of the stress and hassles of dealing with banks and unknown property managers. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone and you will be first on our list when we decide to make any further property investment/ changes. Above all the best thing was your willingness to come to us and at a time that suited us, and our kids running a muck didn't bother you. Thank you again for the amazing service you provide.

Danni & Sam Danni & Sam