From the minute we contacted Kirsty, she 'had our backs'. The bank had told us one thing, and then turned around and told us the opposite. We were gutted. But you could instantly see Kirsty's brain start ticking and she kicked in to gear. Up Loans had only just hatched and she took us on. To say we were a challenge, is an understatement. She kept us up to date, put up with our annoyance, whenever things didn't go our way and in the end came to us with options! She managed to get us a deal, so much better then we would have been able to get, had we approached the bank our selves. She goes the extra mile even now the house has settled and we've been in for 4 months! We regularly get emails about interest rate changes, birthday messages and bits of advice for our investment loan. I couldn't recommend Up Loans more. You have a company run by girls who are passionate about what they are doing and it shows, by how successful they've been. Congrats Ladies. Here's to many years of helping people find their homes!

Olivia Olivia