West Launceston

As a West Launceston native for the past decade - the thing I love the most about living here is the proximity to Launceston's jewel - the Cataract Gorge. Being able to slip down for a swim in the summer time, a walk through the autumn foliage, the spring flowers or watching my three year old look for peacock feathers in winter means there's year round fun in this spectacular Launnie icon.

We're also only 5 minutes drive to the CBD - with a lovely primary school, a very groovy cafe, amazing parks and good shops including a lovely neighbourhood supermarket on Brougham Street. Speaking of Brougham Street - if you're after a great workout there's a whole bunch of steps at the top of the street - I challenge you to try and run up them all one day!

Many of the homes in West Launceston have views over the city and the styles and eras run the gamut from deco, to Californian bungalow to super modern and everything in between.

 - Kirsty