Administration Super Heroes

Administration Super Heroes, in no particular order…


Ella is not just the beautiful face in the mural on the side of our building, although that is pretty cool, she is also the youngest person on our team, and an absolute gun… at everything! Ella joined the Up Loans team mid 2020, right in the middle of the years craziness, as an administrative assistant to Kirsty. With years of customer service experience under her belt, Ella loves helping our clients with all their property needs – she especially loves seeing the excitement of first home buyers, as she is hoping to be one herself this year! Ella likes to travel her home state camping and hiking (even though she has a terrible fear of heights) and we’ve heard that Ella and her partner Elliott may or may not have hiked Cradle Mountain around 10 times one year…!


Georgia is one of the young guns at Up Loans, only just graduating Year 12 in 2020. She decided that Uni wasn’t for her so went straight into working full time for Team Tameeka at the start of 2021. Georgia is also furthering her skills by completing a traineeship with us for a Certificate III in Business Admin. In her spare time she plays a lot of sports. Netball and basketball are the two main favourites, but she’s pretty pumped to give anything a red hot go. Georgia loves being outdoors, especially at the beach and in the ocean (even though the thought of large open water scares the heck out of her) and her life goal is to travel the world and experience all the wonderful sights!


Lucy joined Up Loans with a great deal of excitement and trepidation. After a decade working in Hopsitality and the Arts, it was time for a change of hours and industry (which her two cats and two humans have been very pleased about). Lucy has a passion for people-pleasing, absolutely loves finding solutions to problems, and after experiencing the high of that first home purchase herself, she can’t wait to help more people get that feeling for themselves! If you need a friendly face, or a reassuring voice, Lucy will be here to answer the phone, suggest a nice wine, and handball the big issues to the big guns (thanks, upper Up Team!). 


Sally’s role is to help get our files from approval to settlement as quickly and as smoothly as possible.  She has 25 years of banking experience, from branch banking through to coaching and supporting managers and teams. Her passion is helping others and finds nothing more rewarding than making a positive difference to our clients. Her other (slightly more exotic) passion is Scuba Diving, particularly scuba diving with the elusive Leafy Sea Dragon!


Karl’s sunny disposition and eager attitude make him the perfect lead loan processor on our team. His job is to be the details ninja and make sure that our submissions are going into the bank with the best possible chance of approval! In his spare time Karl enjoys travelling to the beach and spending time with family & friends.


Dave joined the Up Loans team mid 2018, and his attention to detail and solution focused attitude have meant he has fast become an integral part of our loan processing team. In his spare time Dave enjoys spending time with his pets and reading.


Megan immigrated from South Africa to Tassie as a registered nurse 13 years ago. After 3 years in our beautiful state, she took on the role of co-owner in a private dental practice, where she took care of the bookkeeping and payroll, occasionally assisting the dentist. Then, after 8 years of running a medical company, she decided it was time for a change in career. Megan completed her Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking and after a few good laughs with Kirsty, Carrie and Tameeka, she moved in at Up Loans to learn from the best! Megan is a mum of 4 kids, a cheeky Cockatiel, and a little Maltese. She loves the outdoors, running and hiking and enjoys doing activities with her kids such as sailing at Deviot and hitting a few golf balls.


Julie started her working career in banking with a building society a long time ago (too many years ago to remember, or maybe she just doesn’t want to say her age). She has always been interested in the lending side of banking. One of her highlights was as a settlement officer running around the streets of Launceston on a Friday afternoon in her high heels to get as many loans settled for her clients to move into their homes as possible! She decided she would like to try something different and decided to have a go at running her own business. After 3 years she was really missing the banking life and decided to accept a position with Westpac’s Call Centre, where she held many position over 22 plus years. She loves working on lending and seeing people achieve their goals. Outside of work, Julie has 2 adult children who both have jobs, a small fluffy old dog called Maggie and a husband who works in aged care. Julie does keep herself very busy when not a work with her own little crafty side gig.