How to set a fancy Zoom background / AKA how to survive endless zoom meetings with your sense of humour in tact in the Coronavirus age.

Step 1. Click on the video icon in the bottom left hand section and then little upwards arrow next to it and select “choose virtual background”. Step 2 You may have some pre-populated images in there you can use, or you can use the little plus button (see under the Tiger King’s groin in image 2) to add your own images or video. Next level mastery tip we […]

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What’s the value in a lower interest rate?

A lot of our day is spent working through comparisons  for our clients about whether to stay with their current lender or move to a new lender.  Here is an example of what we do, at no cost to you. Our clients, let’s call them Jane and Jack are with Lender A, Lender A has them on a 3.5% interest rate and won’t renegotiate their interest rate for […]

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Things to be careful of when buying a unit, flat or apartment.

There are so many pros to buying something smaller and more compact. Let’s talk less cleaning for starters as well as hopefully lower maintenance over time. There might also be the social aspect of being closer to others or closer into town. Then there are some complexes which have shared facilities (like gyms, or pools, or tennis courts).  But – there are number of things you want to […]

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