Should I Airbnb my property?

Ahh the glamour of Airbnb, and the appeal to investors lately has meant that I’ve gone from hearing it in client meetings rarely 5 years ago, to weekly these days. BUT – it’s really important that you think about all aspects of being an investor not just how instagramable your property may be in the future! Here are the major things I’d think any investor would want to […]

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How to complete our living expenses calculator.

For any loan application you will need to show your broker/bank what your monthly living expenses are. Watch below as Kirsty steps you through how to complete our ‘living expenses calculator’ and how to quantify what your living expenses actually are.  

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Conditional vs Unconditional

A client asked me tonight: “I have contacted an agent in regard to a property to see where they are at with offers etc. The response I received is as follows: This property is currently under conditional offer but the owner can accept another offer but it would need to be an unconditional offer or close to it… Could you please clarify what he means by this?” Here’s […]

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How to Select a Great Property Manager

When looking to build a property portfolio the best ally you can have on your team is a great property manager! Listen in as Kirsty discusses handy things to look for in a great property manager.

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We have a lender who is invested in helping you build green!

Have you heard of the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme? ‘NatHERS’ is a star rating system (out of ten) that rates the energy efficiency of a home, based on its design. By providing a ‘measuring tape’ to estimate a home’s potential heating and cooling energy use, NatHERS helps to make Australian homes more comfortable for their inhabitants and also helps residents to save on energy bills through smarter […]

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Savings tips from our team

We have a very fast growing team here at Up Loans, and we’re all at different stages of our property journey, and to be honest, in life. Our youngest team member is 18 and our oldest won’t say how old she is, so as you can imagine we have a very wide and varied wealth of experience, especially when it comes to savings tips! ‘Buy less smashed avocado’ […]

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How to Make an Offer Subject to Sale

Listen in as Kirsty and Georgie discuss a breakdown of how subject to sale works.   A few helpful links: For a blog detailing options for buying a property before you’ve sold your last one click here. For a blog to help you estimate your profits from sale click here.  

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