If your broker has sent you this link, it means we’re looking at a process called a ‘Fast Refi’ for your refinance application, which is an option to use a particular team within your lender’s system to significantly speed up the timeframes on a refinance for you, reducing it from up to a month right down to only a few weeks. The reason these types of applications are […]

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How to pay off your home loan faster

    Have you been wondering how you can pay down your home loan faster? Kirsty shares one of our favourite tools for working out the impact higher repayments will have on your loan, and how to calculate what you should be paying in order to get ahead. Here’s a link to the calculator Kirsty uses in this video: Click here.

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Purchasing in ACT

What set’s Canberra apart when it comes to purchasing property. Ask someone who has never visited Canberra, what their thoughts are on the nation’s capital and a typical response may be something along the lines of – “It’s a city full of nothing but public servants and too many politicians – A soulless and boring city with no nightlife- A city full of round abouts and freezing cold […]

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Should I Invest

  Watch this video below as Kirsty shares her story about what can happen when involving yourself in to an investment opportunity. “Will this be the right choice for you?”  

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Life of Loan Discount

What this video below from Kirsty explaining what it means when a bank is offering you a discount off the standard variable loan.  

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First Home Guarantee Scheme

Three of our awesome brokers step you through this scheme available for first home buyers in Australia as well as some of the new additions to the scheme as of July, 2023.

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Family home guarantee scheme

Here Lucy, Keisha and Sam discuss the family home guarantee scheme – a government scheme designed to get single parents and guardians into a home with a 2% deposit.

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