Should I Invest

  Watch this video below as Kirsty shares her story about what can happen when involving yourself in to an investment opportunity. “Will this be the right choice for you?”  

Read More | 23 Nov, 2023

Life of Loan Discount

What this video below from Kirsty explaining what it means when a bank is offering you a discount off the standard variable loan.  

Read More | 07 Nov, 2023

How to pay off your home loan faster

  Have you been wondering how you can pay down your home loan faster? Kirsty shares one of our favourite tools for working out the impact higher repayments will have on your loan, and how to calculate what you should be paying in order to get ahead. Here’s a link to the calculator Kirsty uses in this video: Click here.

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First Home Guarantee Scheme

Three of our awesome brokers step you through this scheme available for first home buyers in Australia as well as some of the new additions to the scheme as of July, 2023.

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Family home guarantee scheme

Here Lucy, Keisha and Sam discuss the family home guarantee scheme – a government scheme designed to get single parents and guardians into a home with a 2% deposit.

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What is a buyers agent

Watch this video below as Kirsty explains; What does a buyer’s agent do? When should you use one? How will they help! Kirsty and Hobart buyer’s agent Angie chat about all this and more including a tip that all buyers using an agent or not can tap into!

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Why Should You Get Pre-Approved?

We get a lot of questions from clients on the benefits of being pre-approved, and if it is something that we recommend. The short answer is yes! While obtaining a pre-approval can be a process that takes a few weeks and a lot of paperwork to go through, it has a lot of benefits both for your peace of mind and for a vendor’s peace of mind too. First […]

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Integrated Client Accounts with the ATO

Why do banks in Australia want to see your ATO integrated client account summary when you apply for business lending or if you are self employed and applying for a consumer loan. When you apply for a business loan, the lender will often ask you to provide a range of financial documents to verify your business’s financial health. One such document that Australian banks are increasingly asking for […]

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Why would you want to use multiple offsets?

There’s a bunch of reasons why you’d want to use multiple offsets against your home loan and we’ll step into a few of them in here. Please note not all banks offer this functionality. Also run any queries on where your offsets point past your accountant. Watch the below video where Kirsty explain why you would want to use multiple offsets.

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