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Simple mortgage repayment calculator from – here 

Stamp duty calculator for each state – here

Find out how quickly you can super speed your home loan repayments with extra payments – here

How much HECS / HELP will you need to repay this year – here 

ATO tax withholding calculator – here

Check your credit (free report – 7-10 day waiting time) – here and here

Check your credit – 2 paid report options – here and here 

Statutory declaration – here

Is your debt out of control and you are not sure where to go? If we can’t help we’ll also recommend you contact the National Debt Helpline – 1800 007 007. Free, confidential and there to help provided by Financial Counselling Australia. 

If you’re not sure about setting up or maximising the age pension, call Centrelink on 132300, and you can arrange a face to face meeting with a Financial Information Service Officer (FISO). This is also a free and independent service.

Pretty much the best banking ad ever – here  (Relevance? Is it a calculator? We don’t care!)