Eating Redraw

I will sometimes talk with clients about ‘eating redraw’ and they generally look at me like I’ve asked them to eat a budgie. OK – that’s a little too close to home given a budgie is sitting on my shoulder as I write this! But here’s a little video to go over what I mean. Often I’ll use this strategy in conjunction with the option not to cross […]

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How to screen print your mortgage for your annual check up. 

For us to do your annual check up effectively by phone or email we need to see what you can see! Here are the simple steps to sending us what we need for your annual check up. Log into your internet banking on a computer (I know, I know, phones are so easy!) but they don’t always have the exact information we require. You want to screen print […]

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The Five Biggest Myths in Property Investment Today

  Ahh property. The great Australian talking topic where addictions to checking are growing by the minute! But why then do most property investors never get past investment property #1? I suspect it’s because we don’t learn about investing (in any formal way) in our education and because the process of purchasing multiple investment properties isn’t made easy by the following myths that I’d like to dispel. […]

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