Integrated Client Accounts with the ATO

Why do banks in Australia want to see your ATO integrated client account summary when you apply for business lending or if you are self employed and applying for a consumer loan. When you apply for a business loan, the lender will often ask you to provide a range of financial documents to verify your business’s financial health. One such document that Australian banks are increasingly asking for […]

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Why would you want to use multiple offsets?

There’s a bunch of reasons why you’d want to use multiple offsets against your home loan and we’ll step into a few of them in here. Please note not all banks offer this functionality. Also run any queries on where your offsets point past your accountant. Watch the below video where Kirsty explain why you would want to use multiple offsets.

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So we’ve asked you for more documents…why?

Applying for a home loan can feel like a never-ending quest of supplying paperwork- statements, payslips, your grade 5 history class results… okay maybe not that one, but why do we ask for so much? And why do we ask for more after your initial meeting? Well there are a few phases to the process of getting a home loan, here we’ll explain why we need so much […]

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