What is redraw?

Watch the video below where Kirsty explains what redraw is, and how it works for your home loan. You can also have a read of this article on the difference between offset and redraw.

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Buying a Kit Home

Thinking of buying a Kit Home instead of doing a traditional build? Have a watch of Kirsty’s video below so you know what you will need to do from a finance perspective.

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Why get pre-approved? (written December, 2021)

  With the market being as hot as it is right now, most agents will ask if you’re pre-approved before presenting your offer. There are upwards of 20 offers on all many properties right now, for example this one, which had 24 offers (3 my clients) and was listed at offers over $375k and sold for $530k with 3 offers over $500k. https://www.realestate.com.au/sold/property-house-tas-st+leonards-137790302 In short, it’s insane right […]

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Does renewing my pre-approval impact my credit rating?

Each time you renew or submit a pre-approval it will show as an enquiry on your credit report. It doesn’t show an approve or a decline, just an enquiry. Lender dependant your pre-approval will last 3-6 months. |Your decision at the end of that time is either to: – renew the pre-approval and know that your borrowing capacity is current with any policy changes, and that when you […]

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