Application Preparation.

Important Information to Read About Your Application Preparation.

Thank you for requesting we prepare your application! Getting home loans approved is what we love to do best of all, however it’s a partnership between our awesome team and you our fantastic client.

Here’s what we need from you for us to prepare your application:

  1. All the documents we request up front are so that we can accurately prepare your application. Please believe we’re not requesting anything that is not necessary for us to do our best for you in a time of complicated banking requirements.
  2. Please note – when we prepare your application it takes anywhere between 15-25 hours on average of manpower to prepare your application which costs our business money (this is in addition to your broker’s time). As a small business that processes thousands of applications a year at no cost to our clients this, as you can imagine, is a huge cost for us to shoulder.
  3. As part of your commitment to getting your home loan application prepared, we need you to return your signed documents and any outstanding information at your nearest possible convenience after your application is prepared (within a few days is best) and understanding that within 10 days most of your bank statements and pay slips will be out of date.
  4. Any applications that we prepare and send to you that are not fully signed and returned by you within 10 days will receive an application preparation fee of $500.
  5. In addition, applications that are withdrawn after being prepared will also be liable for this cost to cover the considerable time spent preparing the application (please note this does not apply on the very rare chance that your application is declined or after being pre-approved you are not able to find a property to buy, and this fee, if charged, will be refunded if your application is withdrawn but then later submitted and settled).

If you’re not ready to submit an application now or wish to hold off please let us know, and if you have any questions on this just yell out.