Monthly Donations

Each month our team make a donation to our charitable fund as well as an amount from each loan settled .Then each month one team member has the opportunity to choose which charity they would like to support – usually something very close to their hearts.

Below are a list of the charities chosen and who made that choice. you can see more info on our socials about why it was important to that person and some great pics.


Tameeka – New Horizons

Belinda – Tasmanian Conservation

Harriet – The Smith Family

Carrie – Vietnam

Karl – The Phillipines Mission

Meika – Magnolia House

Tamra – Guide Dogs

Kirsty – Teach Her

Sophie – Dementia Australia Research Foundation

Sally – Break the Boundary

Dave – Banta Batay

Georgie – ORCCA

Keisha – Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Ella – Starlight Children’s Foundation

Isabel – Beyond Blue

Georgia – Water Aid

Eliza – Care Australia

Lucy – National Breast Cancer Foundation

Tracey – Plastic Oceans Australasia

Ivy – Phillipines General Hospital Medical Foundation

Megan – UN Women Australia Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Julie – The Heart Foundation

Pride Month – Working it out inc

Evan – Canteen

Jorja – Dementia Australia Research Foundation

Carly – Starlight Children’s Foundation

Ange – Tour de Cure

Rose – Batanes General Hospital

Georgie – JCP Youth Group

Office – Be Hers

Vel – Book Nook

Lexi – KAMAO Group

Office – Stay Chatty

Office – Pride Month T-Shirts

Office – Boots and Blankets

Katie – Make a Wish Foundation

Office – JCP Youth Group Ball

Sam – Dementia Australia Research Foundation