Fixed Rate Confirmation

Prior to completing a fixed rate request we recommend watching/reading the following article (and the linked articles attached in it) on what you need to know about fixing part of your home loan.

AND if you’re wanting to fix but concerned about the fixed rates right now, this video is also a good one to watch on how to “fix” your home loan yourself.

If you’d like to know what the rate lock fee is for your lender you can click here for a handy reference.

If you’re happy you know which option you’d like, please complete below form.

Please note: With interest rates constantly on the move at the moment, for exisiting/settled loans looking to urgently fix rates, we recommend going to your bank directly to organise this. It can take us a few business days to sort paperwork and negotiate your rate, but your local branch should be able to take care of this immediately.

If you need our assistance at all please complete the below form. When your loan has been fixed, please check it on internet banking and screen print the details to us so we can continue to track and check your fixed rate.