Pre-approval renewal

Please complete the below information so we can work on renewing your pre-approval. Once you have filled out this form in full, our team will send you an updated application form for your lender to be signed. Depending on the lender you are pre-approved with, this will either come directly from us, or via FileI (a digital signature service), so please keep an eye out for it as it is essential for us to have this form in order to submit your application.
Please note – this process can take a few days for us to complete, and may take around a week if you want us to increase your borrowing capacity. If your timeframe is urgent, please let us know by either calling our office or sending an email to your broker.

If you are wanting to renew, you will need to send us your bank statements via this link.

We also suggest you have a quick read of our article on renewing your pre approval, which you can find here.

If you have further questions around this, you can book in a quick chat with your broker:
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