Top -Up Application Preparation

Important Information to Read and Agree to about your Top Up Application Preparation.

Thank you for requesting we prepare your top up application! Getting home loans approved is what makes us high five in the office behind closed doors. Here’s a few things we need you to know up front:

There is a cost for small applications due to the time required to prepare the documentation and chase the bank (anywhere between 10-15 hours on average of manpower in addition to your broker’s time) and our remuneration provided by the bank which does not cover these costs. Upon successful approval of your top up application you will receive a $2,500 invoice.

Please note any top up applications that are prepared but do not have documents returned by yourself within 10 days, or that are approved but you decide not to go ahead, will also incur this cost.


Please note the following:

1. Even though this is a smaller loan application the requirements and scrutiny are still the same as for a brand new client from the bank’s perspective.

2. All the documents we request up front are so that we can accurately prepare your application. Please believe – we’re not requesting anything that is not necessary for us to do our best for you in a time of complicated banking requirements.

3. Your patience when we submit your application as we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and seasonal times that have slowed bank time frames. We will do our best to keep you advised of the bank’s time frames but many are running slower than usual.

4. As part of your commitment to getting your home loan application prepared, we need you to return your signed documents and any outstanding information within 10 days of preparation, as most of your bank statements and pay slips will be out of date if not returned during this time.