Making Sense of Separation – Stage2

Looking At Where You’re At

Okay, now it’s time to get practical. There’s a lot to cover in this stage of the course, but these are all such important factors of your life to consider so let’s get to work:

5. Bank Accounts 

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
Joint and separate bank accounts
What to know about what banks will see on your accounts
What banks do NOT like to see (things like AfterPay, ZipPay, overdrawns, overlimits, overdrafts. gambling…)

6. Government Income

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
Family tax benefit A & B
Parenting payments
Disability/carers pensions
What it means to be separated under the same roof
How you should be receiving any of the above payments (fortnightly vs. annually)

7. Child Support

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
What child support is
Private arrangements vs court prescribed
How regularly child support needs to be paid
Bank notation

8. Custody Arrangements

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
Custody percentages
How this gets documented
How a bank will look at this
What to consider when deciding who pays for what

9. Income – What is it?!

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
Income from the bank’s perspective
Work types – casual, contract, part-time, full-time
More work vs. less work
Borrowing capacity

10. Renting A Property

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
How to go about getting a rental property
Rental references
How pets and kids can affect things
How photos can help you
Bond and rental assistance
Lease terms and lease breaks

11. Valuations

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
How properties get valued
Who values properties
Who can use a valuation

12. Superannuation

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
What superannuation is
How to find out your super balance
Why it’s important to consider your super

13. How To Categorise It All

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
How to categorise your overall position on paper


And when we’ve covered all of these steps, or at least the ones that are relevant to you, we’re going to move on to Debts and Expenses.

Stage 1:
Yes, It’s Shit – The Start From The End
Stage 2:  Looking At Where You’re At
Stage 3: Debt & Expenses
Stage 4: Deciding Outcomes
Stage 5: Legalities
Stage 6: Where To From Here?


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