Making Sense of Separation – Stage6

Where To From Here?

We made it to the end. You’ve considered what’s happening in the here and the now, the practical details. Now it’s time to think about the future- where do you go from here?:

25. Making Your Bright Future Plan

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
Sorting out your new mortgage

26. Success Stories From The Other Side:

This lesson is a collection of testimonials as we have people work through this program, to remind you you’re not alone, and that there is an ‘other side’ that you’ll get to!

“Hey KD,
I just wanted to send you an email & say thank you.
I received all the forms today & I’m starting to work through it all.
Not a lot of people around me know what’s happening & I’m not the greatest talker but I said to a good friend today, that chatting to you Friday was the best thing I’ve done & the best person I’ve spoken to so far.
I have no bloody idea how it will work out, I’m petrified but apart from actually having some trust in someone (given you’ve helped us & everyone around me before) .
I know you’ve gone through your own separation before so a thank you isn’t just from your professional help but actually felt like I was talking to someone that could help & understand – it was nice to relax briefly & chat!”


27. What’s Possible For Your Future? (Hint: EVERYTHING!)

In this lesson you’ll learn what is possible for you:
And that is whatever you want.


We’ve come to the end now (for now). I wish you all the best, every success and happiness in the world, for this next chapter of your life. I know this part seems daunting and I really hope I’ve done what I can to give some structure to how to make it through these next steps. If you want to give me any feedback or reach out please email kirsty @

  • Kirsty.

Stage 1:
Yes, It’s Shit – The Start From The End
Stage 2:  Looking At Where You’re At
Stage 3: Debt & Expenses
Stage 4: Deciding Outcomes
Stage 5: Legalities
Stage 6: Where To From Here?


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