Making Sense of Separation – Stage3

Debts and Expenses

Yep, it’s the scary part now. It’s so important to make sure you’re across this, so let’s break down how to approach your debts and expenses:

14. Bad Debt vs Good Debt

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
What constitutes bad debt vs good debt
The impact of credit cards, ZipPay/AfterPay, short term lenders, personal loans, vehicle loans and leases
Home loans
Kirsty’s golden rule when it comes to debt

15. Solo Debt vs Common Debt

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
Solo Debt
Common Debt

16. Credit Reports

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
What credit reports are
Where to order your free credit report
How to read your credit report
Why it’s so important to order and be across the information in your credit report early

17. Budget and Living Expenses

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
How to use our living expenses calculator in two different ways
Getting ready for a bank application
Tracking your overall projected spend vs. your actual spend

18. Money, Money, Money

In this lesson you’ll learn about:
How the banks decide if they’re going to give you a learn
Money in vs. money out
What equity is
What your credit rating/risk is


And when we’ve covered all of these steps, we’re going to move on to Deciding Outcomes.

Stage 1:
Yes, It’s Shit – The Start From The End
Stage 2:  Looking At Where You’re At
Stage 3: Debt & Expenses
Stage 4: Deciding Outcomes
Stage 5: Legalities
Stage 6: Where To From Here?


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