Lucy Pullen

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Existing clients – please email me directly, or call our office line on (03) 6331 5518 and ask for me

Life Before Up

Lucy doesn’t have the traditional background you’d expect for someone in the finance field.
Originally from the deep south of Tasmania, Lucy moved to Launceston to pursue a contemporary arts degree at UTAS specialising in Theatre and Stage Management. They went on to complete their honours degree, while being a Premier of Tasmania Scholarship recipient the whole time, only to immediately peak in that career by stage managing for one of their idols and then pivoted to hospitality. They worked as a restaurant manager for years, so if you need someone to recommend a wine with that home loan, they have you covered, and in fact it was wine that compelled them to apply for an entry level admin position at Up Loans in 2021 … and the rest is history.

Up Specialties

Lucy is a people person and a problem solver. Their current specialty lies in being able to find out the answer to just about anything that they don’t already know (usually by bothering a lot of very patient people with a lot more experience than they have…).

Currently, Lucy fulfils a Client Services Manager Role, liaising with clients on behalf of brokers to build a really strong relationship and look after individual files from preparation through to settlement, but when they qualify as a broker they really want to specialise in helping First Home Buyers and especially people in casual or alternative employment who would find the journey to home ownership daunting without a sturdy guide.

Property Journey

Like many things in life, Lucy happened to make a rash decision through a mix of peer pressure and spite (they don’t like being told they can’t do things) to buy their first home in 2018. It was just in time too, as the market went crazy just after that in Launceston!

This was only meant to be a temporary house, and they planned to be out of it in three years… but they’re about to put solar panels on the damn thing, repaint it, and call it a day for another few years.

One day, they’d love to own something with a bit more space for their two cats, DimSim and Cain. And maybe get chickens.

The Future

Lucy is currently working their way through their qualifications to become a broker in their own right (watch this space!). The possibility of a future being able to help many people achieve stability and a healthy financial future is hugely important to them, and they can’t wait to be able to do this more and more here at Up Loans.

… and maybe they’ll get those chickens.

Charitable Donation

Each month the Up Loans team chooses to make a charitable donation based on the number of loan’s written and team member contributions. Lucy chose: Hope In A Suitcase