How we need your bank statements

You will have been sent a secure link by Up Loans to get your bank statements to us – if you would prefer not to use this then the following is how we will need you to manually gather your documents. 

How we need your bank statements:

It’s really important we get your bank statements in such a way that we can:

a)    Send them on to the bank and know that they’re going to accept them and not slow up your application


b)    Fulfill our compliance requirements in confirming they meet the standards around us protecting the lenders against any potential fraud.

So here’s the low down on how we need your bank statements:

1. For any account you send us, we’re going to need an original bank statement. It does not need to be the exact time period we’re asking for. This original statement is typically the one they’ll mail you periodically. It will need to show:

a)    your name

b)    the bank’s details / logo

c)     your account number

d)    a running balance

2. That official statement can be out of the date period we need (last 6 month’s typically) and that’s fine, we can then use screen prints from your online banking or downloaded statements to tie to together. So you can download or screen print from the date the official statement ends (or 6 month’s ago if the statement is older) right through until today’s date. On these we will need:

a)    your account number

b)    a running balance

c)     the bank’s details

Please don’t try and do these off your phone, they very rarely give us the information we need.

Please do not send us a CSV or excell download of your transactions these are not acceptable to a bank. 

What statements do you need to send us?

  1. If we’re refinancing a home loan we’ll need to see the last 6 months of your home loan statements.
  2. We’ll need to see the last 3 month’s statements for where your savings are if you’re buying a home.
  3. We’ll need to see the last 3 month’s statements for where your salary is deposited if you’re PAYG employed.
  4. If we’re consolidating any debt for you, we’ll need to see the last 6 months statements for the credit card, personal loan etc.