Maternity Leave

On maternity leave and wondering how a bank will treat your income? It’s a great question! Here are the key points for if a bank will count your maternity leave income. You must be returning to the same place of work you left (if you’re starting a new job for a new employer that sadly doesn’t count). You must be returning to guaranteed part time or full time […]

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Is it tax deductible to borrow against an investment property?

Is it possible to add tax deductible debt to an investment property? Here Kirsty talks about this. In short, the debt is tax deductible for what you’re borrowing it FOR not what you’re borrowing it.   If you’re keen for more information on the process of cross-collateralising, check this out: Click Here.  

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What is a ‘revert rate’?

Does an introductory interest rate seem almost too good to be true? And what happens when your fixed rate expires? That is where revert rates come in, and in the video below Kirsty runs you through what those are and why they’re important to watch out for! To book in an annual review with your broker, go to their page from our team section here and click their […]

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Screen Print Your Way To Success!

Are you thinking about buying in the future? Kirsty has a neat trick here to help you change the way you see offer prices- and it’s as simple as a few screen prints… For more resources on buying, check out this page.

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What is redraw?

Watch the video below where Kirsty explains what redraw is, and how it works for your home loan. You can also have a read of this article on the difference between offset and redraw.

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Buying a Kit Home

Thinking of buying a Kit Home instead of doing a traditional build? Have a watch of Kirsty’s video below so you know what you will need to do from a finance perspective.

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Why get pre-approved? (written December, 2021)

  With the market being as hot as it is right now, most agents will ask if you’re pre-approved before presenting your offer. There are upwards of 20 offers on all many properties right now, for example this one, which had 24 offers (3 my clients) and was listed at offers over $375k and sold for $530k with 3 offers over $500k. In short, it’s insane right […]

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Does renewing my pre-approval impact my credit rating?

Each time you renew or submit a pre-approval it will show as an enquiry on your credit report. It doesn’t show an approve or a decline, just an enquiry. Lender dependant your pre-approval will last 3-6 months. |Your decision at the end of that time is either to: – renew the pre-approval and know that your borrowing capacity is current with any policy changes, and that when you […]

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Credit Repair & Credit Fix Solutions

Watch the video above to see what you can do to improve your credit and what to do if you find a default on your credit report. You can also have a read of the Credit Report & Credit Repair Guide mentioned in the interview here.

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