Can I borrow extra for renovations?

I recently had a client who was pre-approved to purchase borrowing 80% of property’s price. She had around $100,000 saved up and wanted to know if she could borrow about another $40,000 more on top for renovations.

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How to get your documents to Up Loans if you haven’t hand delivered them

1. The best way (in our opinion): scan a nice clear copy to either Carrie – carrie (at) or Kirsty – kirsty (at) or Tameeka – tameeka (at) 2. Slightly less than the best, but also fine: take a super clear photo with your phone and text or email to Carrie, Kirsty or Tameeka. 3. The personal route: Our beautiful new office is at 36 […]

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How we need your bank statements

You will have been sent a secure link by Up Loans to get your bank statements to us – if you would prefer not to use this then the following is how we will need you to manually gather your documents.  How we need your bank statements: It’s really important we get your bank statements in such a way that we can: a)    Send them on to the […]

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Credit Cards: Evil or Not?

Want my opinion”¦. There’s only one good way to have a credit card. That is to only have one, if you actually don’t need to have one. Stick with me. I know it seems a bit counterintuitive.

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When Building Inspections Go Bad…

You find a property you love, you sign a contract, your awesome mortgage broker gets your finance approved and in your head your home and hosed… BUT… your building inspection comes back and it’s not great.

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How much do I need as a deposit?

We get asked that question so often as brokers and there’s not a simple blanket answer that fits. First of all – that amount will vary as a percentage of the price of what you want to pay based on whether you’re going to live in the property or buy as an investment. That’s question number 1. For the purposes of this article – let’s imagine you’re buying a property to live in. For further simplicity, let’s say it’s your first home (this is the when we’re most often asked this question).

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