Can I borrow extra for renovations?

I recently had a client who was pre-approved to purchase borrowing 80% of property’s price. She had around $100,000 saved up and wanted to know if she could borrow about another $40,000 more on top for renovations.

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How we need your bank statements

You will have been sent a secure link by Up Loans to get your bank statements to us – if you would prefer not to use this then the following is how we will need you to manually gather your documents.  How we need your bank statements: It’s really important we get your bank statements in such a way that we can: a)    Send them on to the […]

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How to get your documents to Up Loans if you haven’t hand delivered them

1. The best way (in our opinion): scan a nice clear copy to either Carrie – carrie (at) or Kirsty – kirsty (at) or Tameeka – tameeka (at) 2. Slightly less than the best, but also fine: take a super clear photo with your phone and text or email to Carrie, Kirsty or Tameeka. 3. The personal route: Our beautiful new office is at 36 […]

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Credit Cards: Evil or Not?

Want my opinion”¦. There’s only one good way to have a credit card. That is to only have one, if you actually don’t need to have one. Stick with me. I know it seems a bit counterintuitive.

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When Building Inspections Go Bad…

You find a property you love, you sign a contract, your awesome mortgage broker gets your finance approved and in your head your home and hosed… BUT… your building inspection comes back and it’s not great.

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