What I say when asked… ‘Why would I use a Mortgage Broker?’

While we’re extremely fortunate and proud to have some incredible clients who absolutely love to answer this question on our behalf, we also love to let people know what we do and why we want to help you. Firstly, we don’t charge for our services.  Our fees are paid by the lender but only once we have found you a fantastic option for your situation.  Over 50% of […]

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Assessment Rates, Building a Buffer and a Feeling of Safety

Interest rates are low right now – like historically record low rates. Which is awesome if you’re looking at buying a home. But unlike other countries where you can lock in the same low rate for the life of your loan (yes, it happens!) here in Australia – you’ve either got a variable home loan rate that goes up or down with the market or you can fix for a few years.

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Can I fund renovations required to a property when we get a loan?

I got this question from a client tonight and it’s one I get asked often!
“Just wondering if there is room to get some money to renovate? For example, XXX Street has just come up but it desperately needs attention. It’s only $XXX,000 but could we borrow more to do that work to make it livable?”

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What does it mean when we need your documents certified?

If we need you to take documents in to get them certified the easiest way to do this is to gather up:
– Your driver’s license
– One other form of ID (passport, bank card (note NOT credit card), utilities bill addressed to you etc)
– Your medicare card

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Don’t go Low on your Living Expenses

You’re preparing up all your information for your broker and you want to have the best chance of getting your loan approved. It’s natural to think that you want to put your best foot forward in everything you send to the bank. BUT”¦ Don’t estimate low on your living expenses.

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