What information should you have ready to see a broker?

Ideally – you should gather up:  – your last 2 x pay slips (last 2 years personal and business returns if you’re self employed – 1 year if that’s all you have)  – your driver’s license and then have a good understanding of what your current debt situation is:  – what are the limits on your credit cards (yes, even ones you don’t use like that interest free […]

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The First Home Buyer’s Saving Secret

Saving for a home loan or mortgage isn’t glamorous but it has to be done (unless you have a large non repayable gift or have the option of using equity in a direct relative’s home). So here are some savings tips for first home buyers to help get you into the property market.

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Comparison Rates

Comparing apples with oranges doesn’t make sense. To make finding the right loan easier, and to make advertised rates as transparent as possible, we have comparison rates.
You’re looking for the best mortgage deal and you see an ad. It shouts “˜3.8% INTEREST!’ and, underneath that seemingly too-good-to-be-true rate, “˜7.9% comparison rate’. What does this mean?

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