How much Cash or Equity do I need for my Next Purchase

Kirsty explains a rough estimate on how to calculate your equity or cash required for house #2! This is not financial advice not an accurate calculation it’s merely a rough estimate to use for future planning with a more detailed assessment to be provided by your broker.

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Borrowing extra funds over 80% of a property’s value

When you enter into a home loan you can typically borrow up to 95% of the property’s value (at a maximum). To do this we pay lender’s mortgage insurance typically – click here. From there, until you get the amount you owe under 80% of the valuation any extra borrowings will incur LMI again and the bank will restrict how much you can borrow – typically to the […]

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Wants vs Needs

When looking at multiple properties there’s a tendency for a few things to happen based on your particular personality type. Let’s call this one Dory They all blend together and you can’t remember one from the next after you’ve been to 20 open homes!   Then there’s Goldilocks None are just quite right, one is too much this, one is too little that. You’re looking for the perfect […]

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If you are a Tasmanian first home buyer purchasing under $600,000:

If you are a first home buyer purchasing in Tasmania under $600,000 then use the following link to get the form for your duty concession and request the folio / title details from your conveyancer or solicitor.… Please return the completed form to both your solicitor/conveyancer and a copy to us so that we can end to the bank. Please note we cannot determine your eligibility for […]

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What amount should I get pre-approved for?

Well – you’re thinking about getting pre-approved! That’s a great start and while a lot of other broking firms aren’t keen on pre-approvals. We are! Why? Because: Then you can be really competitive when going up against multiple offers which is common right now Then the bank has agreed that they are happy to lend to you with your circumstances and then the only variable is that they […]

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How to Rename an Internet Banking Account

On internet banking accounts you are able to personalise the name of your account, for example “Groceries” or “Holiday savings” – or better yet “Riverside investment property” “Equity release for Bridport” etc so it’s nice and clear. Here are some handy links compiled below explaining how to do this with different banks. (If you find the one you’re looking at is out of date or doesn’t work please just […]

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All in One Line?

When you’re building another property onto an existing property (ie: a unit on the back of a house) or when you’re building multiple properties on one title (3 units for example at once) you might find that the lender needs the valuer to value the properties “all in one line” – ie: as though they’re all on one title. Now this can sometimes be confusing to people as […]

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What do I need to know about fixing part of my home loan?

We have a lot of clients looking at fixed rates right now given the low rates in the market. I recorded a little video here to help with some thoughts about whether we fix part (not all of your loan): Here’s what I would encourage you to do first up: 1. Read the following articles: The difference between fixed / variable loans:   (note no redraw on fixed, […]

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