What information should you have ready to see a broker?

Ideally – you should gather up:

– your last 2 x pay slips (last 2 years personal and business returns if you’re self employed – 1 year if that’s all you have)

– your driver’s license

and then have a good understanding of what your current debt situation is:

– what are the limits on your credit cards (yes, even ones you don’t use like that interest free card you almost forgot about!)

– if you have any other loans or leases, find out the limit, balance outstanding, monthly repayment and interest rate

– if you have a current home loan, the last 6 month’s statements or 3 months statements of where your savings sit is also good to gather up

From there, your broker will chat to you about what you want to achieve and will likely need some more documents, but the above is a great start.

If we can help – let us know!