What does it mean when we need your documents certified?

If we need you to take documents in to get them certified the easiest way to do this is to gather up:

–       Your driver’s license

–       One other form of ID (passport, bank card (note NOT credit card), utility bill addressed to you etc)

–       Your medicare card


–       An original bank statement (the one that the bank mail to you)  – for either your savings account (if purchasing) or your home loan account (if refinancing) (Note – this doesn’t need to be the most current statement, just an original bank issued one)

Gather up these originals listed above along with a photocopy of the documents. Your copy can be just the front page of statement plus your other ID (if you can copy these all on one page that’s great as sometimes, though not always, there can be charged to certify documents and so fewer pages should result in a lesser cost).

From there take the photocopy plus originals to any one of the following:

–       A police officer

–       A justice of the peace

–       A post office

–       A pharmacist

–       A doctor

–       An accountant

–       A lawyer

And ask them to certify the copies as a “true copy of the original” and then scan us a nice copy of the certified document. Unless we ask for it specifically we don’t require the original certified document.