If you are a Tasmanian first home buyer purchasing under $600,000:

If you are a first home buyer purchasing in Tasmania under $600,000 then use the following link to get the form for your duty concession and request the folio / title details from your conveyancer or solicitor.


Please return the completed form to both your solicitor/conveyancer and a copy to us so that we can end to the bank.

Please note we cannot determine your eligibility for the grant, we can only rely on your confirmation you are eligible so please check carefully and if you have queries go to State Revenue directly (03) 6166 4400.

Please ensure that if you have a loan / property to discharge as part of this arrangement that you have sent us discharge forms and if settlement is within 60 days requested we send these off for you.

If you are pre-approved and have had an offer accepted on a property please send us the details through our preapproval page so we can get you formally approved.