Wants vs Needs

When looking at multiple properties there’s a tendency for a few things to happen based on your particular personality type.

Let’s call this one Dory

  • They all blend together and you can’t remember one from the next after you’ve been to 20 open homes!


Then there’s Goldilocks

  • None are just quite right, one is too much this, one is too little that. You’re looking for the perfect property.


Finally there’s Anna (from Frozen)

  • You fall in love – quick and hard with the first property you see.


In short, home shopping can be hard!

A little tip to help with Dory, Goldilocks or Anna? Write a wants vs needs list.

A simple piece of paper with a line down the middle.

On one side:

Your NEEDS – this is the stuff you won’t negotiate on.

On the other side:

Your WANTS – the things that it’d be great to have but that aren’t deal breakers.

Things to consider might be:

  • Locations
  • Bedrooms
  • Extra rooms – such as rumpus / second living area / second bathroom / garage space
  • Yard size / land size

And remember, not everything can be a need or you’ll Goldilocks yourself out of every property.

Decide what’s a NEED vs what’s a WANT and then go forth with your list and tick off each property to help you get to the bottom of what you actually will be happy with!