Why is my broker’s admin team contacting me!?

It is very likely that you have already, or will speak to multiple members of our team through the course of us getting your loan approved.

Kirsty sees clients from 9am in the morning to 9:30pm at night. This doesn’t allow her much time to do the jobs in-between. We all know she’s a super star but she can’t do it all, and fortunately Kirsty is great at delegating the in-between jobs to each of us in the team to suit what we specialise in, as we all specialise in different areas. In other words, Kirsty is the brains, we are the brawn. For example:

Karl – complex deals, running your borrowing capacity, coming to you when the bank requests extra documents 

Dave – chasing valuations, getting your deal into the back with all the necessary paperwork, repricing your loans

Georgie – second side of Kirsty’s brain, I don’t think she needs much of an explanation for this 

Bel – construction guru, first meetings paperwork and making sure everything is in order for Kirsty to make her day and the office run smoothly

Ella – hassling banks, communicating with clients on bank updates, first meetings enquiries, ordering your valuation, chasing you for your documents

Isabel – will contact you when it’s time to collect your documents

Sally – handles things after you are approved, liaising with conveyancers and banks to make sure your settlement goes smoothly

You can read more about our team here: https://www.uploans.com.au/team-up/

We know it may be hard hearing from all of us, but we work cohesively as one team.

We’re also not all always in your file, so be mindful if we need to direct you to someone else or can’t give you an answer straight away. 

We hope this gives you a little insight into who you can expect to hear from throughout the Up Loans (Kirsty) team process.