Here’s a quick way to estimate your profits from sale

Note, we can’t do this for you, it’s important you do this and seek appropriate advice on costs. This will help us get a pre-approval or estimate ready for you of your borrowing capacity.

It’s also important to not estimate high, if you think you might sell for $380,000 but you’d be prepared to sell for $360,000 – estimate lower etc.

Here are the figures you want to work with:

Your sale price (estimate low remember)  $

Less all of the following

Marketing costs for the agent                          $

Agent’s commission costs                                  $

Solicitor’s costs for the sale                               $1,000 (a good rough estimate)

The home loan/s to be discharged                 $

Any other debts you wish to pay out            $

Any capital gains if selling an investment   $

Any other costs you estimate                            $


Total estimated profit                                      $


We’ve put this in a little handy excel spreadsheet you can download here too.