Savings tips from our team

We have a very fast growing team here at Up Loans, and we’re all at different stages of our property journey, and to be honest, in life. Our youngest team member is 18 and our oldest won’t say how old she is, so as you can imagine we have a very wide and varied wealth of experience, especially when it comes to savings tips! ‘Buy less smashed avocado’ […]

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How to Make an Offer Subject to Sale

Listen in as Kirsty and Georgie discuss a breakdown of how subject to sale works.   A few helpful links: For a blog detailing options for buying a property before you’ve sold your last one click here. For a blog to help you estimate your profits from sale click here.  

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First Home Super Saver Scheme

The first home Super Saver Scheme can be accessed by first home buyers and allows you to save money inside your super fund. To find out more information listen in as Kirsty and Georgie discuss.   A few helpful links: For a handy link to read further about the Super Saver Scheme click here. For a simple handout to read on Understanding the First Home Super Saver Scheme […]

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Title Insurance

In Tasmania as you may or may not be aware when you sign a Contract to Purchase property in the absence of additional clauses being added into the Contract to protect your interests (which will likely significantly affect your negotiating position) you accept the property entirely as is where is regardless of whether the property is subject to illegal building work, boundary encroachments by neighbouring property, outstanding council […]

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What are Fixed Loan Break Costs

When you fix a loan there are potential break costs if you wish to leave the loan early however it’s impossible to ascertain these upfront as: each bank has a different (complex!) formula for calculating the break costs they can change each day they’re related to what the fixed rates are at the time you want to break the loan ie if the fixed rates are higher you […]

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Self Employed Income

Some things to note when looking at self employed borrowings and how banks calculate your borrowing capacity.

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Why you shouldn’t fall in love with… a Rural Resources Block

So many people these days come to Tasmania because as a state – we’re bloomin’ spectacular. Trees, greenery, awesome people, fabulous beaches, mountains… and did I mention trees? And Tassie has some awe-inspiring bush blocks. Many of them that seem to be at very very reasonable prices. And there’s a reason for that.  They’re very (very very) difficult to finance. My strong recommendation when you find a block […]

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