How to get your documents to Up Loans if you haven’t hand delivered them

1. The best way (in our opinion): scan a nice clear copy to either Carrie – carrie (at) or Kirsty – kirsty (at) or Tameeka – tameeka (at)

2. Slightly less than the best, but also fine: take a super clear photo with your phone and text or email to Carrie, Kirsty or Tameeka.

3. The personal route: Our beautiful new office is at 36 Brisbane Street – opposite side of the road to the Princess Theatre and just up a bit toward City Park. We’re there most of the time (it’s by appointment only), other times we’re out meeting with lovely people like yourself out and about (and sometimes we’re having CWA slice up the road – shhh!). But we do have a stunning peach mailbox at our office to the left of the front door. If you leave documents here, please text us to let us know (Kirsty 0414947959, Carrie 0409145083 or Tameeka 0417627538) as we don’t check the mailbox vigorously, also given it’s private information, best to pop it in a sealed envelope.

4. Super old school: you can mail them to us at 36 Brisbane Street, Launceston, TAS, 7250 – but wow that’ll take a long time, we’d love if you could do one of the above options instead.

5. Carrier pidgeon, fax machine, telegraph – no go, sorry, it’s not 1985.