Pre-settlement inspection – What to look for

We’ll always recommend you schedule a pre-settlement inspection on a property you’re buying about 2-3 days prior to settlement day (sometimes closer if furnishings haven’t ben removed).

You can do this by booking in with the agent you purchased from, or if you’ve purchased privately – directly with the owners of the property.

What are you looking for?

Well – most of the time you’re just looking for condition that’s radically different from when you made your offer to purchase the property such as:

–       Missing items (like a stove for example – I’ve seen it happen!)

–       Damage to the property

–       Anything that’s going to cause you concern.

What if the property isn’t clean?

Well this one’s a tough one. We general recommend anything that’s causing you concern you should go to your solicitor or conveyancer to discuss, but cleaning, that’s a really subjective one.

If you estimate that you will need to do some cleaning when you go into a property it’s probably safe. Two people’s idea of “clean” can be really different!

Ultimately  just know that if you do want to potentially delay settlement to get something rectified that’s what your conveyancer or solicitor is there for – give them a buzz and get their best advice and do it sooner rather than later when settlement has already been booked in and cheques drawn.

And if you’re taking on a property that was tenanted we’d recommend you do your pre-settlement inspection after the tenants have moved out and before their bond has been refunded with the property manager so that you can discuss any issues with the property manager prior to their bond being returned (of course comparing to their incoming condition report).