What I say when asked”¦ “Why would I use a Mortgage Broker?”

While we’re extremely fortunate and proud to have some incredible clients who absolutely love to answer this question on our behalf, we also love to let people know what we do and why we want to help you.

Firstly, we don’t charge for our services.  Our fees are paid by the lender but only once we have found you a fantastic option for your situation.  Over 50% of home loans in Australia are written by brokers, and at Up Loans we consider it our job to make this process as easy, stress free and fun (yes fun!) for you as possible.

Secondly, we can save you a lot of money. When you go to a bank, you will be given only one bank’s options, one bank’s features.  We have access to over 30 lenders and we can do the research for you, to find the best lender with the best features and benefits to suit your personal situation and financial goals. We can also look at your current home loan to see if you are on the lowest rate your bank has to offer, and potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

When you deal with Up Loans, you get – Kirsty or Carrie. Not whichever branch staff member is assigned to your file at any given time – us. And not just when we write the loan but ongoing to make sure that your rate stays competitive and the bank is looking after you.  This is the reason many real estate agents recommend us – because they know that the consistency of our service is first rate.  We are not bankers, we don’t work traditional hours, we are real humans and we care about what you are trying to achieve.  We want to come on this journey with you, help you get there, and get excited with you when we call to tell you that “˜Your loan is approved!’

If you have a look at the reviews here https://www.facebook.com/uploans/reviews or on google – you’ll see that our service is what most people mention, not the rate we got them. We look after our clients throughout the process and afterwards so you have a consistency of person to deal with and someone who understands your future goals and plans.  As we say to our clients, you’re stuck with us!