So the property you love is up for Private Sale?

How does this differ from purchasing through a real estate agent? Great question, and in most ways it won’t differ at all.

Read through this blog to get started:

Remembering that two key points are:

  1. Get us to do some research for you (email us the property address)
  2. It’s GREAT if you’re already pre-approved, if not a 21 day finance clause is advisable

Now the part where your solicitor / conveyancer reviews the contract is slightly different and it will go one of two ways:

  • The private seller’s solicitor or conveyancer may draft a contract and your solicitor or conveyancer will review it prior to you signing


  • Even better, your solicitor or conveyancer will draft up the contract for you. (Why is this better, well your solicitor or conveyancer is the one acting in your best interests, they’re there to protect you so having them draft the contract for you is a quick way to knowing it’s worded just as they’d like without hopefully too much back and forth). 

But what we don’t want is:

  • Either of you drafting the contract on your own without your conveyancer / solicitor viewing it for you and confirming it’s a-ok. (Unless of course you’re a conveyancer or solicitor, then we’ll let you off).

From there you’d typically present your offer to the seller either verbally or in writing (oftentimes real estate agents want in writing, but a private sale may be done verbally) and then everything else is the same as the above blog except when you send us the contract that’s been signed, also let us know the seller’s contact details so we can put them down as the contact for the valuation.